A massive revamping blogging weekend. Remaking twenty websites. Painting with images, HTML and words. Loving it.

Watching wheat ripen and roses is my other 'difficult' activity. Life is sweet.
I hope things will be as sweat for the farmers. Wheat currently is selling doe around $305. per tone.

Last year the farmer planted Canola, this year he went half and half wheat and canola which was wise considering there is a global glut in canola that has dropped the price of canola this year.

Global glut hits canola (The Land)

Here is an old newspaper report from the Argus Newspaper of 1929 telling of how the farmers stocked up after April rains then drought came to the districts and the farmers were paying drovers to take the sheep into the roads, along the long paddock to keep them alive because the paddocks had been grazed out.

Living along side farmland gives em a wonderful experience of witnessing the cycles of nature without enduring the financial ups and downs of the seasons.

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