Don't let it stress you - get a real life.

Here is the advice I gave a friend on facebook who was stressed out over having been unfreinded.

I must admit I don't 'mess' with people who friend me and then begin spamming a book though the messages, they are always deleted.  I always delete people I do not know well or learn from who abuse people or are consistently negative or swear profusely and not in a funny way.  I

 don't have a problem with people unfriending me - fact is I never look at the numbers to know and I believe it is wise to un friend if you do not have any advantage to having someone there as a friend.

Now you have made a positive contribution to my live in that you have taken the time to reply to posts I have made regarding my novel writing ad I believe I have tried to encourage you with yours.

I never helped out with reviewing your story as I simply have a long reading list I do need to get though and that doesn't allow me time to read for friends. That's an acceptance of my own limits so I didn't take thigs personally that you would have liked more people to read your story and vote for it.

I enjoy having you as a friend but my comment is, 'this is only unfriending ' no one has time to be friends with everyone, it isn't personal when we friend or unfriending people here, it is networking and we really should preserve our time and only network with people where there is a mutual benefit and not get involved in personal issues - that's what real life is for :-).  Don't let friending or unfriending on facebook, 'get to you,'

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