Thank you to the fellow authors who listened to me (private writer's forum) voicing some self doubts last night and advised me. xxxx. Yes I do suffer from doubts at times.  I was also stalling in my learning curve and found this frustrating as I long to improve my writing and I can only do this if I receive constructive criticism - that - when I ask for it is the one thing I value the most at this stage of my career.
 Thank you to all who have given me this in the past.  Thank you to any who can still give me this. Please do not be concerned about offending me. I can only learn if I know how to improve and as every parent knows, they cannot see anything but beauty in their own baby and my novel is my 'baby,' and I need to know if it has any flaws I can improve.  
I am going to to 'find' new areas to learn about the art of writing, I need that learning curve to give me a buzz again.

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