Patchwork Pillow

You can create pillows and cushions from any fabric. DIY pillows are fun to create. All you need is some basic sewing skills. Pillows may be as simple or complex as you would like.  They are an ideal start to learn more involved sewing skills such as quilting. Get creative and browse the ideas here then come up with your own ideas to show off your original flair.

Doilies to Decorate

One of the first things I did when I joined eBay and wanted to give myself some decent feedback prior to beginning selling, was to purchase some low cost items I could use for creative arts. I re-discovered doilies.
Antique shops and on-like auctions are a fantastic place to discover old lace and doilies ready for recycling for that chick and not shabby look. Old-fashioned charm is never dated. You can tack on a crocheted or embroidered section from a vintage doily to a plain pillow.

Cursive Monogram

Be bold and draw with fabric pens or embroider a cursive monogram onto a pillow to give it individual character. These monogrammed pillows make excellent gifts and I've given them as re-usable and useful Christmas presents wrapping.


If you love the idea of decorative ribbon are and just don't have the time to make it, hop online and purchase from one of the Asian import stores. I have two of these ribbon roses cushions mingled amongst my tapestry ones and I didn't make any of them, I relaxed with a cup of coffee and shopped eBay way.

Turquoise Blue, Cream and Grey Colour Harmony

Be Masterful with Your Colour Mix

Regardless of whether you patchwork or plain, use a colour harmony guide so you don't get a kitsch look if you want chick. Wonderful colour harmony of cushions, pillows, soft furnishings can  pep up the personality of a neutral decor and it is easy to change to appearance of rooms with the seasons or your mood.

Scour secondhand stores for surprising ideas and if you stick to a pre-designed colour harmony you will be able to make it look expensive.  I am thrilled with my $99. lounge suit I purchased, I covered it with throw rugs and cushions and it looks as good as a $3,000. suite.

Pillow Making Basics

The basics would be to cut  two squares of fabric to the desired size (include extra for seam allowances). However. why restrict yourself to that basic model? if you are making the cushions and pillows, be creative—invent.

Sew the two, matching shape, wrong sides together, leaving an opening along one side to allow you to turn the pillow right side out. Fill it with stuffing or a pillow form. You can either stitch or fabric glue to close the opening.

Marble Art Cushions

Have you tried marbling onto paper and then transferring this to fabric?

Try it, and then create cushions and pillows from your designs.

This would be a wonderful project to do with the children over the school holidays. Involve then in the marbling creativity.

If you can't transfer the print to fabric yourself, there are online companies who do this for you. .

Initial It

Because felted textiles don’t fray, they’re perfect for cutout shapes and embellishments. You don't even need to be ale to sew as fabric glue will fdo the trick. 

Indoor Cusions

Mix and match themes and spotlight your collector skill. 

Outdoor Pillows and Cushions.

Be inventive. Outdoor pillows can be made from weather resistant fabric and have carry handles and openings so you can fill them with towels or thermal outer clothing to use if required.

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